Thursday, August 31, 2017

Install Gurobi on Linux and Hello world Gurobi !


System requirements

Any linux flavour would work
Recent gcc version 


1. Register Gurobi Optimizer(64b-Linux) Download
2. Register and get an academic licence from the same (note the cmd grbgetkey 36-digit-key )
3. Extract tar file to /opt
4. Generate licence file using the cmd

rajz@warriorwithin :/opt/gurobi751/$ ./linux64/bin/grbgetkey whatever-is-your-key

Note the license file must have got generated!!

6. append at the last line of .bashrc at $HOME/.bashrc using a texteditor

export GUROBI_HOME="/opt/gurobi751/linux64"
export PATH="${PATH}:${GUROBI_HOME}/bin"
export GRB_LICENSE_FILE="/opt/gurobi751/gurobi.lic"

If any useraccount of the machine wants to use it, then they just have to perform step 6 on their ~/.bashrc

Hello World Gurobi Program!

// coming soon

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