Thursday, April 25, 2019

LaTeX Tips for writing good research article.

// Purely out of my experience(learnt from friends and experts) of using LaTeX
// for writing a good research article collaboratively; good -- In my view!
// good - easy for others to edit;

- use multiple src files and input in the main tex.
- - do not write the everything in a single file.
- - Prior to Overleaf this is modular. But even after this. it is a good practice.


or  keep everything in a folder as well

- Use Overleaf is plain, simple and speeds up writing .
- - Good for collab; two persons can edit the same file simultaneously.
- - Enough of messing around with errors in texmaker[TM]/texstudio[TS]; bored of it!
- - Double click the pdf it will take you to the line or para(most of the time)!
- - Auto spell check // Never worked well TM

- User labels at a appropriate place(section, figure, subsection) with some standard form; prefix code
     \label{ intro}
     \label{fig description figure}
      I use codes ={sec, ssec, fig, table, alg, line, etc}

- Using ref and cite
- - Use it ~\ref{} or ~\cite{} so that it stays together with previous word.
- - \cite{r1,r2,r3...} can hold more than one args

- Use separate folder for fig and plot you generate.
- - Include all the source for creating image in case you wanted edit later.
- - I use Latex draw and export as pdf+cropped and include it in figure.
- - I use  pgPlot and Libre office calc for generating plots.

- Use BibTeX; User STD form in
- - use  \bibliography{GlobalBibtex} for file name GlobalBibtex.bib
- - can add mutiple bib file \bibliography{file1,file2}
- - Last name of first author and initials of rest(if any)
- - User _ write the name of paper you will calls as or would like remember as
- - overleaf can match it when citing with the name(after _) as well
- - It is always good to have your own global bibtex file
- - You ca cumulatively add(and maintain!) it as you write more.
- - Aid sin searching for bib entry in the bib file of you previously written papers.
- - Use only Conference verion of the  bib rather than a arviv if you have both.
- - Use DBLB for collection because it is nice search. You coul use others as well - but be uniform.
- - It will be nice if the bib entry has a doi/url
- - So the reader can quickly go to the ref paper in single click from the ref section.
- - Saves a lot of time in googling and find the right version(if multiple (re)versions exist), etc, etc,
- - Sometimes the CAPS may not rendered properly either in title/author name. You would have enclose those inside braces {} to force the capitalization in tact.

// I am updating these over the course of time.
Last Update: 14-Sep-2019

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