Sunday, January 25, 2009

Happiest day in my college life

Great day in my college life and happiest day too!! Collage one of the events for quest'09 (Event for exhibiting talents of school children). I was named one of the coordinators’ for this event.

The theme for this year Quest is Abdul kalam's PURA (Providing Urban Amenities in rural areas). I will talk about all my today activity (I have given almost care to bring a meaningful correlation.). I managed reach collage by 11 a.m IST. At first i saw ramshaker who was in the display desk editing the ppt, Later i saw prabha who was doing nothing but sitting and admiring the mistakes of students in Getha Chanting. After a small talk with him I moved to the Time management desk where I is saw pavendan(mech). After having some snack with him I moved to see the bottle filling event and their's also sack race conducted beside. Then i moved to see udhaya in Tamil elocution where i also found vijay and saravana. I was stunted by great speech of a school girl (really i don't know her name ; I felt that she would have won some prize definitely )

Then i moved to see my event coordinater head. It was said that haridass. so i called him up, talked to him very very politely (as i don't know him :)). i said to near Octagon(TCE main building) . To my surprise its Udaya-Ramkumar's roommate Hari :-). I have talked with him earlier i know him well but i don't have his no (Eventually when one is expecting an unknown person; and u see the person u know already then it’s was really a surprise). Then we meet up all the team members (myself , Hari dass, Sangli Muthu, Ellakya and Raji ). Girls went off for having lunch but I thought of going later. We got things from store room charts, papers, gums, awards 4 judges (jury) everything. We safe gauding those things in pump house, venue for collage. But there was art from waste going so we were waiting. muthu went for lunch as we (me and hari) decided to go when he returns . Meanwhile we were seeing the talents 'art from waste' contestants. By the time Muthu came we came to know that we will not be going for lunch as our event is about to start. Girls also joined later. Our event collage was supposed to start by 2 p.m(end by 3.30 pm) but there was the delay in arrival of jury. (this problem happened for us too but in different style). so eventually this delayed our start. We started a bit late (10 min) than scheduled. Hari, muthu and me were distributing the necessities to students. We then did some seating arrangements.:)

Girls done the work of registering the participants names. I was instructed the team regarding the rules. Some students were complaing about the delayed start when we asked them to complete but 3.30. so at last we convinced somehow. There came another prob. v was not informed of the jury's name. It was said that our head mahendran will take care of that. There are totally 3 judges or them 2 are student judges and 1 is faculty judge. But to our surprise there were 4 student judges present and so v wanted extra copy for faculty (later we Xeroxed it) . so two of them agreed to evaluate on same sheet as they were friends. we were asked to complete the evaluvation with student jury's itself .(relief :)) . Then after distributing the memento to jury's we all (boys and girls) averaged and prepared the winners. And v left our team saying thanks. Then later Xeroxed and gave always the attendance and winners list to the respective desks.

oh then we (boys) for cateen ( very hungry )and after having fruti took a snap (but muthu left for some work). I asked hari to drop me at bus stop (he had vignesh scooter. there was only limited petrol he said). but i didn’t leave him so agreed as expected scooter stopped at pillaiyar temple. i walked to stop after saying thanks. i got bus went standing to reach periyar. There i got bus no 70 and reached my home

And here is the funniest thing. I didn’t attend any coordinator meetings so eventually they removed my name from short-listed coordinator list which i know only any the last !! Nevertheless it was all funny today. I am really very very happy today.I have even exceeded my 100 free sms’s today for sharing my happiness. Any way I am proud of being one amoung the coordinator in contributing to college ! :).I learned my things like managing time,convincing students, coordinating judy's,etc. This is my first step !

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