Thursday, September 7, 2017

Resolving expired GPG key and Github signing

My GPG key during creation had default expiry date which I didn't bother to change it at that time. One fine day it got expired. I was using that same key to sign commits on Github . In all my commits it was showing signed with unverified / expired key. However later from "password and keys" i was able to revoke the expiry. Even then after signing it was showing signed with unverified / expired key.

Here are the steps to resolve:
1. Github setting delete the existing GPG key
2. gpg --list-keys
3. gpg --armour --export  YOUR-KEY-ID
4. Copy it to Github GPG settings as new GPG key
5. Try committing and pushing on github!

All your commits have a verified and have a non-expired signature. :-)

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