Monday, September 21, 2009

Met stylesen & c0le on FStival' 09

I know that I am blogging after a long period of time. There is a valid reason for it because yesterday (09/19/2009) FStival'09 was conducted by CSE department in our college. There are many situations i have felt for not being a CSE student. Because, they have sophisticated lab (practically see all the kinds of server there) more importantly labs that don't close at 4:30. Great passion developed in me due to FStival'07 which i attended during my 2nd year. That made me to use only GNU/Linux based software's for almost all my day today works. Their is no turning back from then on. I still use Hardy Heron in my Laptop.

Well Let's get to point. I had an opportunity to talk with most important and prominent persons behind TCENet project (an award winning project of our college). I found Senthil Kumaran and Joe Steeve were still (remotely) working on this TCENet project which i came to know from TCEwiki and tce's mailing list Archives (i spent a whole night reading all old mails). I have heard about the version control systems like Subversion, CVS, GIT but never used it. TCENet is maintained using Subversion (a product of CollabNet) and these people are still contributing to it remotely. Also I found that any one interested can contributed to TCENet project, for that you need not be CSE student or need not go to Unix lab even. I hope that i will contribute to it too. Also joined most of the TCE's mailing list.

I have talked with them and i also shared my interest with them. stylesen anna advised me to startup with a simple project(i.e writing docs for pidgin). I was wanting for support from the staff members which they advised me not expect such. I grasped all those ideas given by them and will act accordingly. These moments with those great people was one of the happiest moments of my life. Taking to stylesen anna was one my long term desire...I am very happy today :-).


  1. Yeah everyone goes through this , joe and stylesen ananth have been pioneers literally

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