Saturday, February 9, 2008

First Seminar


This day was a remarkable day of my life. Because the day I took my first seminar.

First Seminar: Topic Selection
Before seminar:
Once I was given the date schedule for it, I made up my mind to do something different and useful (for me: drive off my stage fear & for all: knowledge on any new technology).
Though I have fare enough topic for the seminar like solaris, ubuntu, opensource softwares. I choose to take UHARC because when was installing the ‘Hulk’ game during my third semester vacations made me know about a developing archive. The most important thing that triggered me was the compression ratio ( C.R.). I was astonished by the CR of 15% (I misspell this as compression during seminar) , it compressed almost 1.2 GB into just 162 MB. Then I started collecting information’s all about Uharc but to be very frank I was just gone through the documentation the day before the seminar that night for about 3 hours.
I decided not to care much about managing time, body language, spoken English because I felt that if you concentrate on this it would affect my content delivery. I did not even decide how much time to speak; in fact I leaned from my friends that I was taking for about 45 minutes.
Seminar experience:
I had a little shaky start with a bit of wobbling sentences after good salutation. Then I just gave a intro about archive, its uses and examples and some stories to calm done my raised HEART BEAT. That was for about 10 minutes. Then i got back my rhythm. I said about few things of my preparation about this UHARC archive:
1. about the author
2. about its version and development progress
3. Files presents and its uses and
4. More importantly explaining with examples of creating self-extracting archive, extraction and creation of UHARC archive.
I was very much happy to see some nodding faces in the crowd which made me very encouraging to continue my seminar. Though some were talking at the back (probably to my left) I was able to modulate my voice in order to defend them. The two things that made my seminar look bad could be my slowness of writing on the board or my interrupted speech. I would definitely rectify this along with the good eye-contact with the audience.
I was very happy that day because I was very much satisfied with my performance. I could not sleep that day because I was thinking that I could have done this/that way. Overall this seminar raised my confidence level very much. Those moments are to be remembered throughout my life time.

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  1. dude can i get your seminar info. i'm not able 2 find enough 2 tak my seminar.
    ronnie rockey


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