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Journey to IIT Madras

I wanted to do PG right after my B.Tech. I was forced to go for work due to my parents compulsions. I finally learned in a hard way about my purpose of my life(watch out for next post). It all started after some days after I begin to work as Database Administrator (that's how it is being called) in Bangalore. Desire to learn more cropped in after seeing/doing my helsinki's friends M.S. assignments. Although I can't afford to do go abroad for PG,  I decided that I will do M.Tech from a reputed college than my UG college. So I decided to write GATE. I was able go for some coaching classes there. All my weekdays absorbed by office works and all my weekend are full of classes at thegateacademy. It went like crunched thingy. I didn't score enough. I got only M.S calls from NITs and I was rejected there pretty badly. I was disappointed but still it was NOT my 100% effort.  I came to chennai. I took a less profile job thinking that I will do some good time for my preparation but it didn't go well. This time I didn't do well as I didn't go for coaching. There were lot of family problems as well my brother was sick, my father was transferred to some other city, he underwent a surgery,etc.
Finally, a do or die attempt I boldly resigned my 35K INR / month job(For any IITians reading this, I know you people think this isn't a big deal..uh But it was from my position). Took admission at Gateforum. I just lived with only books for a several months. I either eat or read or sleep as one of my friend would say. Those were my only activities during those days. Thanks to my room mates udhaya, ram, pandi, kumar, sundar, mani, etc. I finally got a decent rank(AIR) to get into IIT Madras. Surprisingly I cleared interviews and got admission offers from IIT Bombay RA, IIT KGP , IIT H as well. I didn't travel for IIT K interview call fearing of their rigorous interviews style. I was rejected in IIT D. It was nice experience travelling all the places. I finally decided and joined IIT Madras on Jul 21 2014.  Although it was decided long back by me to either join IITM or NITT or none  :P ;-)


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Debian and it's love ...!

I have been using a lot of Linux/based distribution during my UG days. It all started with installing solaris on my 512MB RAM machine after an installation demo by CSE seniors(Krithika, Balachandran and others) . Then, I went on to Ubuntu, Fedora, OpenSUSE, Debian for reasons during my project work. Of all, my Favorite is Debian for their less memory or/and power consumption with simple neat looks. 

During my PG days I installed Ubuntu 14.04 and were using for the past 2 years (almost). Now that I wanted to get back to my fav Debian and went into so many issues which I haven't faced during those days. Moreover, hardware/software itself got too complicated with BIOS/UEFI/Legacy mode/Safeboot/Fastboot/Win8/Win10. 

Objective, I wanted to replace Ubuntu with Debian and still use it a dual boot alongside windows. Specs: Debian 8.4, Dell Inspiron 3000 series, I7, 8GB RAM

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Well well! This is my first Linux How TO.

If you get bored of looking at you default desktop theme and wallpaper then here is my suggestion. Now , I am going to demonstrate u how to change ur Linux(mostly all distros but i tried in Debian/Ubuntu) into a colorful looking one. As i have already installed my favorite collection (Slickness theme-MashupMaXo icons-minimalisticea wallpaper). I would demonstrate to you with a simple collection

For this tutorial i have used the following
Darker theme
Erectus icons
minimalisticea wallpaper

Download list
Download from here for Debian/Ubuntu (
1.Download GTK themes (panel color & look of each window)
2.Download icons (for iconic view of folder/disks)
3.Download wallpapers (obvious)
4.Download GDM theme (for login screen)

1.Downloaded GTK theme package.
2.Right click on desktop select change background. Select theme tab and click install select the downloaded theme pakage
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Configure IITM's CSE Department mail on Andriod

Going to follow K.I.S.S policy. DIY seeing snapshots below. That's it. Thanks! 
Caution: Don't change any default ports.. Just edit the server and security type alone as below. Email-ID =
Step 1- Open Gmail App> Settings>Add account>  IMAP/POP3>Email-ID/Password > IMAP  (I have choosen IMAP. But it should naturally work  for both)
Step 2(In settings)- Email ID > Password> > SSL/TSL (Accept all cert).
Step 3(Out settings)- Email ID> Password> > STARTTLS (Accept all cert)

K.I.S.S - (Keep It Simple Stupid) 
DIY - (Do It Yourself)