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Twitter, In short

I know that i am blogging  after a long time.okay anyway, I present here the details about the History of twitter and its founders which i read recently. Jack Dorsey  along with two other( Evan Williams & Biz Stone) were the founders of twitter, one of the fast growing and/or Popular website for social networking. Remember Williams,the key person in the making of (which later acquired by Google). In fact the term *blog*  came into existence after this It was out when he was in Pyra Labs. Stone was author of : "Blogging: Genius Strategies for Instant Web Content and Who Let The Blogs Out? ". Coming back about Twitter, Initially their choice of name for this micro-blogging site was twttr (inspired from the name flickr). But at-last they landed on twitter. It means burst of information or chirps from birds. When they started first Obvious Corporation was their company name. It took two week for Dorsey to develop a prototype for twitter. Twitter is p…