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Happiest day in my college life

Great day in my college life and happiest day too!! Collage one of the events for quest'09 (Event for exhibiting talents of school children). I was named one of the coordinators’ for this event.

The theme for this year Quest is Abdul kalam's PURA (Providing Urban Amenities in rural areas). I will talk about all my today activity (I have given almost care to bring a meaningful correlation.). I managed reach collage by 11 a.m IST. At first i saw ramshaker who was in the display desk editing the ppt, Later i saw prabha who was doing nothing but sitting and admiring the mistakes of students in Getha Chanting. After a small talk with him I moved to the Time management desk where I is saw pavendan(mech). After having some snack with him I moved to see the bottle filling event and their's also sack race conducted beside. Then i moved to see udhaya in Tamil elocution where i also found vijay and saravana. I was stunted by great speech of a school girl (really i don't know he…