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Learn(ed) from my Mistake

Back again…..

Hi guys nice meeting you after a long gap…….
Oh I am so sad that I couldn’t make up to my full satisfaction.Yes! Group Discussion (GD) for professional communication was conducted (21/02/2008) and I thought that I could do something better…..but nothing worked out for me communication, fluency………what not?
The topic is “Is advertisement only for the gullible (easily deceived)?” This is the first topic on the list, a very ambiguous title. Seems to be quite arguing among the list (no many appeared to be arguing. most of them seem to one sided) given by tamilselvi mam…

we ramshanker, rahul, praba, selected to go with that topic but contradictions from pramala, ponvidya, preethi, pooja so it was left to audience to decide. They went on with this one.
As I expected Ram was the initiator, praba continued with that later pramala joined it………and discussion was really picking up momentum .Oh…….what was I doing? Oh oh I was sitting doing nothing (playing with my pen). Couldn’t say any thing because I got no good point to say and more importantly I was dilemma to support or oppose.

After along time I gave a point in fumbling tone which I know not many could understand (I wasn’t clear). As I felt that the discussion was drifting the other way, I made them come back. I did nothing more than that.I am amazed to see people like pramala, praba were very casual while taking but for me the situation is different. In fact I could hear my heartbeat!!

Why this? all because zero confidence level .

I analyzed & decided the following things:

During GD:

· Note down exact sentence of the topic

· Decide support or oppose soon.

· Decide only the points to speak

Must do:

· Fluency English - Only Practice! NO other go…(Important)

· Vocabulary - Read newspaper

· Context -know current information.

After all, one point I want to stress is that …… DO gather only the points on the GD and do not think how to talk (how to frame sentences, which word to use, etc) there. It should come out as you think.To achieve this Raise your confidence level by speaking English. If you can answer to any question in English at any time even when other people converse in Tamil then your English is good. Classroom is the best place to practice. You can also do by answering questions inside the classroom which would really keep your awake. ;)

I thought of doing this but I can’t carry on. I still try to achieve this.. Anybody interested can follow this. So let’s not wait till placement…….
We must converse in English inside the classroom. This would raise your
confidence level. One more thing ,Please don’t mock at others, help them or join them else do nothing. Don’t pull them down!

Try to achieve this feel….Though I couldn’t completely give it in words. Here it is: “You should be conversing in English in such a way that you (your mind) should forget that you are actually speaking in English “ i.e it should come out, just as like your mother tongue. Let us Try together….


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