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Learn(ed) from my Mistake

Back again…..Hi guys nice meeting you after a long gap…….
Oh I am so sad that I couldn’t make up to my full satisfaction.Yes! Group Discussion (GD) for professional communication was conducted (21/02/2008) and I thought that I could do something better…..but nothing worked out for me communication, fluency………what not?
The topic is “Is advertisement only for the gullible (easily deceived)?” This is the first topic on the list, a very ambiguous title. Seems to be quite arguing among the list (no many appeared to be arguing. most of them seem to one sided) given by tamilselvi mam…we ramshanker, rahul, praba, selected to go with that topic but contradictions from pramala, ponvidya, preethi, pooja so it was left to audience to decide. They went on with this one.
As I expected Ram was the initiator, praba continued with that later pramala joined it………and discussion was really picking up momentum .Oh…….what was I doing? Oh oh I was sitting doing nothing (playing with my pen). Couldn’t say any t…