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Answer of the fourth dimension ends

yeah ! back after a little gap

I recently(a bit long) watched a movie named "Horton hears the Who!".
It is a 2008 CGI-animated film based on a book of the same name.The flims was about the creatures inside a small dust speck (a tiny dust particle) in the hands of an elephant, Horton.Horton lives in a jungle named Nool. His funny activities is always a treat to watch and laugh. And his efforts to tell about the sounds he hear from the speck and the people inside it (Mayor ,his son,etc) to his friends and others creatures will look more hilarious than any. His efforts to save the upcoming disaster to the speck and to place it in a safest place in the jungle ( top of Mt. Nool) is the climax. At last the camera zooms out, revealing that along with numerous other worlds in our universe is just one speck among numerous others like our planet.

Lets come to the point !
It was Question in my mind for a long time. The passion for this started because of my 'Aspire-maths teacher' D…

Inspired by Randy Pausch's The Last Lecture


I happened to see the video named “The Last Lecture” by Randy Pausch. He named it as a Last because he is going to die within few months. He is a cancer patient.

A Computer Science professor of Carnegie Mellon University (Virtual reality is his Interest). His speech was about “Achieving your Childhood Dreams”. It was phenomenally exceptional and inspiring speech I have ever heard next to Mr. Sivathanu pillai’s talk (Our college alumni and chief head of Brahmos & DRDO).

The first part of his speech was about his childhood dreams . How did he manage to achive all those. In the mean time he also said about what are things that he learned out of it. The top most thing that I liked in that lecture was the ‘Brick wall’. It is a methaphor which says whenever you failed to achieve something do not just stop in the middle. These brick walls are meant to break and make other feel that” How badly we want those things”.

There are several other such things also:
• Wait long enough peop…

Cars and Wall-E

Learn(ed) from my Mistake

Back again…..Hi guys nice meeting you after a long gap…….
Oh I am so sad that I couldn’t make up to my full satisfaction.Yes! Group Discussion (GD) for professional communication was conducted (21/02/2008) and I thought that I could do something better…..but nothing worked out for me communication, fluency………what not?
The topic is “Is advertisement only for the gullible (easily deceived)?” This is the first topic on the list, a very ambiguous title. Seems to be quite arguing among the list (no many appeared to be arguing. most of them seem to one sided) given by tamilselvi mam…we ramshanker, rahul, praba, selected to go with that topic but contradictions from pramala, ponvidya, preethi, pooja so it was left to audience to decide. They went on with this one.
As I expected Ram was the initiator, praba continued with that later pramala joined it………and discussion was really picking up momentum .Oh…….what was I doing? Oh oh I was sitting doing nothing (playing with my pen). Couldn’t say any t…

First Seminar

19/01/2008This day was a remarkable day of my life. Because the day I took my first seminar. First Seminar: Topic Selection
Before seminar:
Once I was given the date schedule for it, I made up my mind to do something different and useful (for me: drive off my stage fear & for all: knowledge on any new technology).
Though I have fare enough topic for the seminar like solaris, ubuntu, opensourcesoftwares. I choose to take UHARCbecause when was installing the ‘Hulk’ game during my third semester vacations made me know about a developing archive. The most important thing that triggered me was the compression ratio ( C.R.). I was astonished by the CR of 15% (I misspell this as compression during seminar) , it compressed almost 1.2 GB into just 162MB. Then I started collecting information’s all about Uharc but to be very frank I was just gone through the documentation the day before the seminar that night for about 3 hours.
I decided not to care much about managing time, body language, spok…