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Cars and Wall-E

LOooOg after....Here i am now ....

Recently I saw two animation films ...that were really mind blowing stuffs.One was the Cars(2007) and other was the recent box office hit Wall-E. Cars.

Cars story was about the a unexpected car (Lightning McQueen) which goes to win the piston cup.yes, Mack was taking Ligtning McQueen to California to attend the Piston cup tie break.But unfortunately he lost the way, got by cop of Radiator springs. As McQueen damaged the roads of radiator springs. He was not allowed to go until he correct the road. It was a cute place once but because of the by-pass this place was not known to any one even removed from map, sally said.sally was loved by mcqueen. Mater (boom truck) becomes his best friend. He get to know that the Doc was the Fabulous Hudson Hornet, who won three piston cups When the race begun mcqueen happy to see Doc supporting him. When mcqueen was about to finish . It was that Doc tip helped to drift back to track and fast pit crew. chick crashes king. mcqueen saves king to finish second. The story ends with a message that tragedy happened to Doc should not repeated.

Next one is WALL-E(2008). The story was about wen earth becomes a garbage place to live in man becomes so lazy living outside out universe in a space ship. It contained everything that make him lazy. yes but one Next one is WALL-E(2008). The story was about wen earth becomes a garbage place to live in man becomes so robot(WALL-E) which does the clean up works on earth with his cockroach friend. Man sends a spaceship to explore earth.So EVE into the picture. Wall-e fell in love with eve. on the presence of a plant eve returned to spaceship. Wall-e goes there and help eve.and also make the captain to return to earth. It was a fight between man and machines.

No words to explain....But must say : watch the movies !


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