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First Seminar

19/01/2008This day was a remarkable day of my life. Because the day I took my first seminar. First Seminar: Topic Selection
Before seminar:
Once I was given the date schedule for it, I made up my mind to do something different and useful (for me: drive off my stage fear & for all: knowledge on any new technology).
Though I have fare enough topic for the seminar like solaris, ubuntu, opensourcesoftwares. I choose to take UHARCbecause when was installing the ‘Hulk’ game during my third semester vacations made me know about a developing archive. The most important thing that triggered me was the compression ratio ( C.R.). I was astonished by the CR of 15% (I misspell this as compression during seminar) , it compressed almost 1.2 GB into just 162MB. Then I started collecting information’s all about Uharc but to be very frank I was just gone through the documentation the day before the seminar that night for about 3 hours.
I decided not to care much about managing time, body language, spok…