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Thirst for knowledge...

oh yes . this is the first time i am blogging.
The interest of blogging came from my seniors especially praveen, subi akka, etc.
i read , know many things what they do . For eg. any functions and programs organized by them , about the softwares they developed, about their final year project, about the new technologies the speak on...
The story said by our Geetha mam really kindled my emotions. It was a story of average (on getting marks. I don't believe people saying a person averages just because he get low marks) boy raised to height of success ahead of all competitors in their class for his "Sincerity and Hardwork". The boy is actually one of our senior. His project was awarded as the BEST PROJECT by TCS i suppose. He is now working in TCS in Research and Development Team. She concluded that he was very good in "Time management" , Sincerity and Hardwork. She also said that there were brilliant students in that class than him. But the thing made a difference is his temperament. I was very much inspired.
Its more similar to my situation here (i.e scoring marks is harder for me). She said plenty of things. I am going to follow few things as she said, to read atleast three books apart from your curriculum, to have knowledge about the new technologies,
I am on the hunt for knowledge. After reading subi akka's blog the interest in designing Operating System has tremendously increased .I could feel the Knowledge thirst in me. I believe that this is the important turning point in my learning curve.....


  1. Super blog da. i never thought u would such a light content, which just went over any other students head, so seriously, i'm indebted to you so much and i'll help u with all your endeavours coz itz about getting to know new technologies. And , by the way it is new technologies and not "now" technologies.
    Will return soon ....
    until then BYE.

  2. Correction: in the first line just read it as " would take such a ......"

  3. thanx for that comment.........
    and your correction...
    though i paid enough attention it is typical typing err;


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